John Kinkaid: Citizen involvement key |

John Kinkaid: Citizen involvement key

To the editor:

On Tuesday, I read the article about filling Al White’s State Senate seat with great interest. I wish Al great success in his new position heading the Colorado Tourism Office.

Tourism is critical to the state’s economy, along of course, with energy production as we well know.

I’m excited to hear that Bob McConnell has submitted a letter of interest for Al’s Senate seat.

Bob has a real passion for Colorado and the direction of our nation. I believe that passion will translate well into the state capitol setting.  Bob’s character is another huge asset.

We must have people of honor in public office who are there to genuinely serve us and not themselves. It will be necessary for the state legislature to keep Colorado afloat. We need a business-friendly and an energy development-friendly environment.

Government must stop smothering businesses with heavy-handed regulation. All states are competing for jobs.

Let’s get people back to work in Colorado.

I’d like to applaud the Republican State Senate District 8 Central Committee for having an open meeting to discuss filling Senator White’s seat.

We are so very fortunate to have an open process and at least two applicants who are motivated to serve us at the state capitol.

When I think of closed doors, I think automatically of Chicago-style politics. Sunshine is always best. Good job, central committee members.

I would also like to urge everyone with an interest in our future to attend the meeting next week.  Make your voices heard and be a part of the process.

Government isn’t the answer to our problems.  It is the problem right now.

John Kinkaid