John Kinkaid: Add these amendments to new pet ordinance |

John Kinkaid: Add these amendments to new pet ordinance

To the Editor:

Here are some suggestions to add to the new proposed pet ordinance.

1. No one may walk their dog in public without prior written permission from the City Council.

2. Walking your dog in a city park will require a special parks pass.

3. If you have a special dog stamp on your parks pass, you will be allowed to throw a Frisbee or a ball for your dog as long as he is on an eight-foot leash and you are holding the other end of it in your teeth.

These rules will fit right in with the rest of the new proposed pet ordinance. People who move to Craig from blue counties such as Boulder and Denver will love these laws. More government and less liberty and freedom are the natural order of the universe for them.

I like to let my dog run at Woodbury Park. He’s a lab and needs the exercise. I pick times when the park is not busy and pick up after my dog. When we get close to other people, I put him back on the leash. I would be willing to periodically pick up after other people’s dogs to continue to have the freedom to let my dog run around while I walk him.

This proposed ordinance is what needs to be neutered. Why not just ticket people who don’t pick up after their dogs and call it good? As a community, organize volunteer park pooper scoopers, so that people can still let their dogs run while they are on walks. Post signs at the parks giving groups credit for it.

He who governs least governs best.

John Kinkaid


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