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John Haddan: Yes on Amendment 66

John Haddan


I am writing this letter in support of Amendment 66. While I acknowledge that Amendment 66 is not perfect, I will be voting “yes” on Amendment 66 for numerous reasons, including the positive impact it will have on rural school districts across Colorado. Amendment 66 provides an additional $130 million for rural schools, and the largest per-pupil increases statewide would be in rural school districts. In fact, 60 rural school districts stand to see a per-pupil increase of $1,000 or more if voters approve Amendment 66. In addition, rural districts will benefit from provisions allowing state-level dollars to match local funding, which ensures that rural districts with low property wealth still can compete with larger urban districts. Amendment 66 would provide as much as $600 million in funding for capital construction and increase technology funding for districts that need improvements for Internet access, computers or other hardware necessary for students to gain a 21st-century education. If passed, Amendment 66 would add more than $2 million to the local school district budget to help with the numerous academic, technology and infrastructure issues we currently face. I am voting for Amendment 66 because the students in Moffat County deserve the same per-pupil funding from the state as students in other school districts. Amendment 66 helps to address the inequalities of the current funding formula and will benefit the students of Moffat County in a big way. 

John Haddan

Moffat County Education Association president and ag education instructor at Moffat County High School


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