John D. Wellman: Slam dunk 3A |

John D. Wellman: Slam dunk 3A

— To the editor:

The opportunity has come for Moffat County voters to make the figurative “slam dunk.” Supporting 3A is that “slam dunk.” I’ve been asked, is it a need or a want? It is my understanding that the construction, upgrades and maintenance of the proposed facilities will cost the taxpayers less money in the long run than maintaining operations of the present facility. It is also my understanding if this initiative is not passed, the money used to maintain and repair the present facilities will have to come from money planned for instructional purposes.

The community is dependent on school facilities not only for education. Our community needs and uses such facilities for social and recreation activities also. A vote to support 3A is a vote of support for our school district’s initiative to upgrade service to the community.

Make that “slam dunk.”

John D. Wellman