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John Burke: Help with hearing aids

To the editor:

In November 2009, a boy in the Moffat County School District received a hearing test at school, which determined that he has an educationally significant hearing loss.

His parents said his hearing loss affects him in many ways at home and at school.

At times, he cannot hear what instruction his teachers and/or parents give him and, in turn, he is unable to comply and follow through.

Hearing loss has been found to impact a student’s academics at school. These students will most often need accommodations at school that may include preferential seating, best ear toward the teacher, limited background noise and repetition of directions from his/her instructors.

In this young boy’s case, because of the extent of hearing loss, even with these accommodations he is having a difficult time and needs further assistance with hearing aids.

He is having difficulty with asking the teachers to repeat information due to embarrassment, and noticing that his peers are aware that he is having to ask his teachers to repeat information.

These types of hearing losses can cause social difficulties that could lead to low self-esteem. At times, his hearing loss causes frustration that can be seen in the home.

As an audiologist who has worked many years with students in school who have temporary and permanent hearing loss such as this student, I understand how they can be impacted.

I have had the opportunity to assist this student since November 2009 and believe that hearing aids would greatly benefit him in school, at home and all social situations he would encounter.

The hearing aids that would need to be purchased for this student are 100-percent digital and would cost approximately $4,800.

The parents have worked diligently on trying to find alternative funding and have obtained a portion of that which is needed.  

In order to purchase these aids, they need an additional $2,800. If anyone would be willing to contribute money to help reach their goal, you may send your donation to:        

Northwest Hearing Services

Child in Need of Hearing Aid Fund, 940 Central Park Drive, Suite #208, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487.

In advance, I would like to thank you for your kindness and if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact my office at 1-800-724-5803.

John Burke

Audiologist, Northwest Hearing Services


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