John and Mickey Allen: Change project route |

John and Mickey Allen: Change project route

John and Mickey Allen 

To the editor:

We wonder if those who are familiar with the final stretch of the Little Snake, just before it joins the Yampa, are aware that this is the most likely course of the Energy Gateway South Transmission Project. It’s shorter than following Colorado Highway 13, and it involves mostly BLM land. Following is the comment we sent to the BLM: We are an old retired couple, heavy equipment operator for Rio Blanco County Road and Bridge and a nurse. We’ve lived in Rangely for 38 years.
 We understand that the Little Snake choice in routing Gateway South will be much easier to accomplish. What disturbs us is this: we will be losing little — hopefully little — chunks of sage grouse habitat. Maybe it won’t make much difference, but maybe it will. And if the sage grouse population gets down to the level that would precipitate endangered species listing, the resultant problems would be enormous for almost everyone. Why not use the Colorado Highway 13 route and make listing a little less likely? A little harder now, way easier in the future. And we love to drive along the Little Snake the way it is now. It’s beautiful. And a trip a year ago to watch the sage grouse dance was an experience we will never forget.

John and Mickey Allen