Joe Bird: Vote for Dave DeRose |

Joe Bird: Vote for Dave DeRose

To the editor:

Things are changing before us everyday and making sure you have the right people make those decisions for you is critical to a community's survival. Not only on a daily basis but for implementing a long term vision with the processes being put into place that will not only benefit us, but our children and the leaders that will follow. That is why it is so important to have those people in place that have your best interest at heart along with the passion, drive, and work ethic to carry out those plans and purposes.

This is why I am not only asking you to get out there and vote but to also come along side in putting the correct person in the place of commissioner by voting for Dave DeRose.

He has not only shown me along with numerous others what community involvement means and why it is so important but has also shown over and over again in his actions the passion he has for this community and what it looks like when you invest.

I can't think why anyone would want anything different in a person let alone a representative that has exhibited this over the many years he has lived in Craig and has the experience in many positions in making Craig a better community as a whole.

So if you would please join me in our freedom of being able to vote and let's put in the person with the experience, passion, and the backbone to make the decisions needed for the short and long term sustainability of Craig.

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Vote Dave DeRose

Thank you

Joe Bird