JoAnn Marlotte: Council members ‘self-serving’ |

JoAnn Marlotte: Council members ‘self-serving’

To the editor:

I was unable to attend the meeting on Sept. 11, 2012 where Mr. Cashion eloquently tried to explain to the City Council the errors of their ways with regard to the fire tower.

It is apparent from the account in the newspaper this his plea fell on deaf ears.

It is apparent to me that these town officials have no concept of “Conflict of Interest” or how the town perceives their actions. I for one do not intend to vote for any of these people when their term on the council comes to an end and they desire to be re-elected.

We need individuals in the office that are above reproach and take the will of the community into consideration when making decisions, especially the decisions that affect the taxpayer money is spent.

The council, obviously, is not above reproach and it’s members are self-serving and do not listen to what the community desires.

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JoAnn Marlotte