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Jim Sinclair: Thank you, officer

To the editor:

This is a note of thanks to one of your local law enforcement officers.

While hunting elk in the Craig area last fall, I lost my cell phone in a fairly remote area with a lot of new fallen snow.

On the last day of a successful trip, we decided it was not likely to be found and returned to Minnesota.

In May, I received a call from an officer of the Craig Police Department asking if I had been in the area. When I acknowledged that I had, the officer asked if I had lost a phone.

When I said yes, he stated that he had found it, charged it, retrieved my phone number, and wished to return it to me.

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I was amazed that any person would care enough to do this, and then he followed up by promptly mailing it to me.

I was able to regain many contacts lost with the phone and allow one of my kids to use the phone. My experience is that this is characteristic of many people of law enforcement.

This act, however, means respecting them a little bit more.

Our group of hunters was treated very well by many of the residents of Craig and the surrounding area.

I will share this story regularly as I repeat my hunting stories. I hope I can illustrate to others how the people and law enforcement of Craig welcome their guests.

Thank you. I look forward to returning to your area soon.

Jim Sinclair

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