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Jim Redmond: Time to get involved

I don’t get it. I don’t live in Craig anymore; I come her in the summer to visit family and friends, but I’m still interested in the community.

I understand that the wave pool is in danger of closing. Here’s the part I don’t get. In all the years I lived here, and presently, there isn’t one sign that lets people know there’s a wave pool in Craig. In fact, the City Park, with its two pools and playground, could be better described as “Craig City Park and Pool Complex.”

There is one small sign on westbound Victory Way that says, “City Park.” On eastbound Fourth Street, there is a nice sign that directs folks to the “Chamber of Commerce,” with no mention that it is also the direction to the City Park and Pool Complex.

Hundreds of RVs and vacationing families go through Craig every day in the summer. I’m sure that a great percentage of those would love to visit the park, playground and pools. There are also a number of families that come from the surrounding communities who would miss the wave pool.

There’s another thing I don’t get: The legalization of recreational marijuana in Craig. There are a number of reasons that I feel strongly about the issue, but those would be too lengthly to mention. I’ll stick to what a number of residents and I share as simple logic.

With Steamboat Springs a few minutes away, does anyone really think that things in Craig would change with “legalization”? The one thing that would change is the direction of revenue from one community to another.

What is needed in Craig is for people to come forward to support the issue. I was involved with something years ago at the Colorado state level that affected thousands of pet owners, but, for fear of being identified, only a few came forward and participated. I see a similarity with the issue of marijuana; few are willing to be identified and stand up for what they believe.

I know many feel strongly about the issue of recreational marijuana. I also know that many of those feelings come from misinformation. I spent the winter in Arizona this past season, when recreational marijuana was coming up for a vote. It was sad to see very distorted ads against legalization being aired 10 to one against the ads that presented facts.

Amazon has a number of good documentaries that are worth watching, such as “420: The Documentary,” if you are interested. To me, a vote against legalization is a vote for criminal activity and cartels. It is also for revenue going to criminal activity and consumption of products that are of unknown quality.

Please get involved in both of these issues. Go to city council meetings and/or contact your city officials. If you don’t get involved, you lose either way.

Jim Redmond

Livingston, Texas

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