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Jim Ellenberger: Local ballot measures use irresponsible language

Whether you support ballot measures 2A and 5A or not, please consider using your taxpayer common sense, and vote against both.

Both measures contain language that blatantly disregards the rights of taxpayers, which were gained through the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, or TABOR. They both give the politicians the right to act without regard toward spending, revenue raising or other limitations if they pass. All voters need to stand firm in solidarity against this kind of prideful political conduct, and the politicians use irresponsible language.

Politicians will have all kinds of excuses of why they need this language, but the bottom line is, they hate TABOR, and they are always committed to bypassing it.

Let’s all send a clear message: When you can get the language right, then we voters will seriously consider the proposed tax increase.

Also, the signs that are posted that read “Invest in Craig …” by supporting a tax increase are very deceiving; investing and taxes could not be greater opposites. If we were all given a tax reduction, and private enterprise was allowed to fill the true needs of the people, not that would be considered as real investing in Craig.

Jim Ellenberger


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