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Jill I. Grimes: Lots to love in Craig

What do I love about our “little corner of Colorado,” AKA Craig?

To begin, I love the quiet small-town flavor. I love seeing the burst of color in those large flower pots scattered all over town. I love the wonderfully imaginative playgrounds in the many parks throughout our city. I especially like the newest one on Breeze Street that not only gives the children a great place to play, but also gives everyone a place to picnic and use the facilities. I also, love the swimming pool and all the benefits of sun and cool exercise it provides to citizens of all ages in this community. Additionally, I love seeing the myriad of buses parked nearby, loaded with children from across our northwest corner of the state, taking advantage of our unique wave pool.

I am grateful for the attention the city of Craig gives to our clean and healthy living, like street maintenance, trash collecting, water treatment and snow plowing.

In addition, I am proud our area has an attractive and practical community college that cooperates with our local public schools and provides services to the public, as well as allows the students to learn through experience. I love it that people of all ages and from all across the country come to learn at this facility. I recognize that CNCC brings outside money and expertise — and perhaps new permanent residents — to our county.

Lastly, I marvel at the way the city and the county can operate on such low budgets. Comparing taxes in neighboring towns and cities, Craig and Moffat County are extremely inexpensive places to live.

Because I love Craig and all the advantages it brings to me and others, I hope the above services will be preserved. Therefore, I plan to vote for the two tax increases on the ballot this November — the city sales tax and the mill levy increase. We deserve to maintain and enrich our lives in this “little corner” of Colorado.

Jill I. Grimes


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