Jessie Suits fears not change, excited for the future |

Jessie Suits fears not change, excited for the future

Noelle Leavitt Riley
Moffat County High School student Jesse Suits, 17, one of the graduating seniors of the Class of 2014, will attend Fort Lewis College in Durango this fall.
Noelle Leavitt Riley

Susan Jessica Suits, 17, is better known at Moffat County High School as Jessie. Her graduation will be illuminated in a different way than most others in her graduating class.

Rather than have her mother and father by her side, cheering her on and handing her flowers and a card, they will be standing next to her in spirit. Their light will fill the MCHS gym in a different way — they will be visiting her from Heaven.

Her father passed away from a heart attack when she was 9, and two years ago, her mother succumbed to stomach cancer.

If you ask her how she was able to maintain a healthy educational career she would tell you, “It’s just that my mom and dad would want me to keep going.”

And she has. She made it to state in cross country, and will carry on her passion for animals, working to become a wildlife manager at Fort Lewis College in Durango this fall.

“I feel very good — like I can accomplish anything that people throw at me and the world can throw at me,” she said.

Suits now lives with her aunt, Nanette Mouth, in Craig, who has been her caretaker since her mom passed away.

“It’s been difficult without a parent to be there, but we’ve overcome that,” Suits said.

If there’s one message she’d like to pass along to her classmates it is this:

“Don’t fear change. As (you) grow or lose parents, it’s a change. Don’t fear it, accept it,” Suits said.