Jerry Bartholome: Obama questioned |

Jerry Bartholome: Obama questioned

Obama questioned

To the editor:

It was extremely disappointing to listen to three presidential debates and observe how the three moderators had so carefully screened the questions. There are numerous questions on subjects of grave importance to our nation that were never asked. One of those is Obama’s attitude and agenda towards the Second Amendment.

Obama will tell the TV cameras he is an advocate of the Second Amendment, but his voting record in the Illinois Senate is quite the opposite. He voted for a bill that would ban nearly every hunting rifle and shotgun and supports a complete ban on handguns. He has voted against legislation in Illinois that would allow a homeowner to use a gun in self-defense in the home. The Web site,, exposes his real anti-gun agenda.

When the subject of Acorn was brought up by McCain in the debate, Obama wouldn’t explain his connection. Since Acorn is under investigation for voter fraud, Americans need to know just what Obama’s relationship is to Acorn. A simple search for “acorn” on the Internet will reveal probably more than anyone wants to know.

Also, it seems strange how the Obama campaign can amass such record-breaking contributions in such a perilous economy. Wonder where it’s all coming from. I think he should “spread the wealth around” to the McCain campaign.

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