Jennifer Hume: Enter front door |

Jennifer Hume: Enter front door

To the editor:

Moffat County has worked hard to implement new security measures designed to keep our children as safe as possible. School safety has been in the forefront of everyone’s minds given the events of the past 10-plus years. But safety is not just about “threats,” it also is about health and welfare.

I am writing to make people aware of the recent changes at Sunset Elementary School. Our school has experienced significant staffing changes with regards to administration and the welcoming/family “climate” at Sunset has been lost. Sunset continues to have extraordinary teachers that go above and beyond, but I am concerned that may change in the near future. I am aware that teachers at Sunset are being intimidated and micro-managed on a daily basis by the administration there at the school. We as a community need to put our foot down and support these great people and our children, so we can help bring about a much-needed change. We are going to lose these great teachers if they are not supported and the loss would be devastating to our children.

Asking the children to bang on outside metal doors, at 28 degrees below zero, to gain entry to “their” school, when the safest, most practical and obvious choice would be the front door, seems only logical to me as a parent. When discussing this matter with the principal and suggesting an alternative solution be considered, I was told, “It’s our policy” and it’s not going to change. I pointed out the dangers to both the students and staff. I was told, “Do what you have to do” when I made mention of a potential school change for my child. Really, is this the same principal that recently said at last month’s SAC meeting how much she “loved each and every one” of our children?

Our children should be able to feel safe and welcomed at the same time in their school. For some of these children, the only stable climate that they have is in their elementary school. So when ensuring our children’s safety we need to remember it’s not only for them, it’s about them.

Jennifer Hume

Sunset Elementary School parent

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