Jeff Stoddard: You’re better than that, Craig |

Jeff Stoddard: You’re better than that, Craig

I have been tempted to send this image to you all year, mostly because the sign hasn’t changed all year. When I was in Craig during Thanksgiving and noticed that it still hasn’t been changed, I thought it was time someone brought it up.

Is there anyone in Craig who is embarrassed by this sign? There should be. It is a safe bet to say that at least 75 percent of the people who visit Craig drive by the sign. Here is what it communicates: “Welcome to Craig, where we really don’t care.”

And, to the people who live in Craig, it says, “The leaders you have entrusted to promote Craig don’t really care.” You have to admit, it looks rather like a sign in front of an abandoned 1962 trailer park. Budget problems aside, it looks like the leadership of Craig fails to take care of the assets it already has.

I don’t live there anymore, but my roots run deep in Craig. I know that money is tight there, but even more, it seems that Craig is running on a pride deficit. Just some thoughts from a former Craig resident who sees my hometown from a new perspective.

Come on guys. You’re better than that.

Jeff Stoddard