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Jayne Morley: Transparency needed in Yampa Building talks

In response to your article on Feb. 24, I believe our community needs help with drug addiction and am happy that a step was taken in that direction. Unfortunately, that first step was a misstep.

This is how an everyday citizen sees the recent chain of events. The Yampa Building is appraised. The information is not released to the public. Memorial Regional Health has a special dinner presentation in December for school board members. I don’t recall the public being invited to the dinner. The school board has a workshop, and the public is invited to attend. MRH presents a quick overview of their grand plan and admits that they did not consider talking with the neighborhood. The board smiles. Later that evening, there is a unanimous decision to begin negotiations with MRH. When the contract is finalized, it will become public.

Both of these institutions are public entities. I do not recall any public notices regarding MRH’s intentions. I do not recall any article in the Craig Press until after the fact. A three-year-old survey was mentioned, and three different counties were surveyed. What do the other two counties have to do with what happens in Moffat County, with Moffat County taxpayer funds?

These are not private corporations. I encourage the Craig Press to ask for the most recent appraisal of the Yampa Building and to continue informing their readers of any updates on this center. I also encourage both institutions to act with greater transparency.

Jayne Morley