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Jayne Morley: Preserve old signs

Jayne Morley

I am writing in regards to the new signs that are posted upon entry into Moffat County. Why are these signs replacing the historic Moffat County signs? I don’t have a problem with the tourism signs being placed in addition to the county signs; I am concerned because these signs are replacing the originals. It’s no longer clear that you are entering Moffat County.

The word “country” looks like someone misspelled county. The signs are much smaller and do not make the same impact. A part of our history was removed. Allow me to provide a bit of background about the sign that was removed.

The original sign was designed by a Moffat County Road & Bridge employee. The former employee is my husband, Thomas Morley. Many evenings of personal time were invested in designing a sign that would be a true reflection of the county we love. It is obvious that the tourism board is making an attempt to create a “brand” for the county. I support this.; however, I don’t feel that a tourism brand should replace an announcement of the county border. Please return the Moffat County signs to their rightful place and add the tourism brand within the area. They can work hand in hand.

At a minimum, I would like to request that the removed signs be given to the Museum of Northwest Colorado or the Wyman Museum. These folks clearly know how to preserve our history.

Jayne Morley



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