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Jason Wilensky: Increased tax rate is understandable

To the editor:

The concern over an increased tax rate on retail goods to fund a recreation center for Craig is understandable during these troubling economic times.

However, a small increase of 1-cent per dollar can go a long way in returns for our community. By providing activities for youth, especially in those long winter months, it will help to keep them out of trouble and help to curb meth abuse, thereby decreasing jail and police use, legal fees and rehab costs, most of which fall on the taxpayer.

The facility will promote healthy lifestyles, thereby cutting down on medical costs for entire families and businesses. In bringing Craig up to date as a modern town and enhancing our sense of community, Craig will attract more families and businesses that add to our economy.

Not to mention all of the jobs it will create in building and staffing the facility.

No, it will not solve all of our communityËs problems and it will not solve them overnight, but it is a step in the right direction in creating a healthier and more prosperous Craig, which eventually pays back to all of us in dollars and in other ways.

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If there are private donors who wish to aid the project, that’s great, but we should not be afraid to invest in this town that we live and raise our children in.

I do, however, have to praise the concerned residents as being truly fiscally conservative, unlike vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who, as mayor of Wasilla, asked for $15 million dollars in earmarks from the federal government to build a sports center for a town of 5,000. We, the taxpayers, already paid the bill on their recreation center.

Jason Wilensky