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Jason Steed: Lack of transparency

To the editor:

This letter serves as yet another letter about the issue with the high school football team. I will not begin to assume facts, as I do not have them, nor does most of the general public. What I would like to address is a lack of transparency from the Moffat County School District, more specifically the high school. I and many others would like to know why it is the football coaches were relieved from their coaching positions when it was the students who allegedly committed the hazing.

The firing of several coaches seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to an issue that has not been fully investigated and leaves open the issue of due process rights for those whose careers are impacted. Perhaps if the district were to provide reasoning, facts and make public their rationale for this action I, and many others, might be more understanding.

It would appear the district is too afraid of parents and retaliation than protecting the due process rights of their own personnel. If a criminal investigation still is ongoing, how is it the internal personnel investigation is concluded, and the results are already being felt?
Of course the students who allegedly committed the hazing should, and surely will be, punished, and their names won’t likely be released if they still are minors. But their names too, will get around, more so than they are now. I hope to see the students punished justly for their actions. If the coaches were fired for not properly maintaining supervision (by the way, parents always have supervision of their teenagers, right?), what will the punishment be for the students? Surely not being allowed to play or participate in sports? This, in addition to legal issues, should be public information. Perhaps then it will serve as deterrent for the future, this, after all, is one of the goals of punishment. This said, I will not be surprised if they are not, depending on their last names. I say this because the “good old boy” system is alive and prosperous in Craig, America, and I can clearly see this from a thousand miles away.  

Jason Steed


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