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Jason Haskell: The power of speaking God’s words

Jason Haskell/For Craig Press

The preaching of the cross of Jesus is the power of God unto salvation. The message of the cross and the resurrection of Christ carries the same power that was in the actual event. When this message is preached, the power of God is released. When it is believed, the power of God is received.

I would like to unveil to you a spiritual law: the law of spoken words. God works His will by speaking words. When He created the worlds, He did it by speaking words. Throughout the scripture, this law is clearly revealed. Whenever God desired to create change, He found a man or a woman and anointed him or her to speak His words into the Earth.

Jesus commanded his followers to go into all the world and speak the words of the gospel so that people can be saved. Salvation is released through words. In the book of Acts, the believers were arrested and thrown into prison. After an angel sprung them out, he told them to go and stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this life (Acts 5:19-20). God’s words carry life. God’s words spoken release life. The person who hears and believes God’s words receives life.

Words are containers. They contain what you put in them. God puts life in His; and joy, and freedom, too. Satan uses words and puts fear and death into them. He puts depression and temptation into them. He will speak to you of your doom, your hopelessness and your death. He is trying to impart these things to you. If you believe them, you open your heart to receive them.

As human beings, when we speak, whatever is in our hearts gets put into our words. Then, our words carry this into the hearts of those who hear them. This is spiritual law. If your heart is full of bitterness, your words will carry it. If you are full of love, your words will carry that. You see the point.

You can either speak love or hatred. You can speak joy or sorrow. You can speak life or death. When you speak words, you release what is in them into your world. This is not some new-age mumbo jumbo. This is a law that God created and operates by. Jesus also used this law and revealed it to mankind.

One day, Jesus spoke to a fruitless fig tree: “May no one eat fruit from you ever again.” (Mark 11:12-24). The next day, when passing by, the disciples noticed the tree was withered from the roots. Being amazed, they asked Jesus about it. Jesus did not say: “This power is reserved for divinity. Don’t you mere humans dare try it.” Instead of telling mankind not to operate in this kind of spoken power, He revealed that anyone can. He said: “Whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.” Jesus revealed the power of believing and speaking, and He invited us into the use of this law.

You need to know that God’s words in your mouth are just as powerful as His words in His mouth. Begin to speak God’s words over your life today. Avoid speaking negatively over yourself. Avoid speaking death and defeat over your life. Instead, find out what God says about you, and say that. Just like a bit in a horse’s mouth can turn the entire animal and like a rudder on a ship can turn the entire ship, your words can turn your life around.

Jason Haskell is pastor of New Creation Church in Craig. New Creation Church meets every at 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. each Sunday.


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