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Jason Haskell: God is love

Jason Haskell/For Craig Press

It’s hard to know what to say to truly help people. It’s easy to come off sounding just like another droning voice of irrelevance in our world full of voices. I don’t know how to say it well, but what I really want is for you to know that God loves you so much. Through Jesus, He came in a human body and gave His innocent life as an offering for our sins and our failures so that we could break free from our inner prisons. He welcomes everyone into His heart, into His house, into His family.

He is not a finger-pointing God, telling you all the things that you have ever done wrong and all the things that you should be doing better. He is not condemning you now. He is not angry at you. He is not counting up all your sins. He has actually already forgiven them. He is a loving and welcoming God. He accepts you just as you are. His love is alluring and welcoming. It is also healing and transforming in nature. You can’t receive His love without being changed by it. Will you dare to open your heart and receive it today?

We, as Christians, fail in so many ways, probably none greater than in our attempt to represent God’s love to our generation. Christians you know may not have loved you as a true representation of God’s love, but that does not mean that He does not love you. It just means that we Christians are learning to love like He does, and in many ways, we are not good at it yet.

We all need love. His love for me attracts me to Him. I am still learning to let that love predominate my attitudes and actions fully, so others can see His love in me. In many ways, we, as people, are still selfish. He is not selfish. He loves you for who you are. He has such good plans for your life and future. Will you dare to trust Him with your heart? With your family? With your future? It may seem risky, but I tell you, it is the best decision you can make in life.

Christians may not know exactly how to express it well to others, but we have found that the only thing in life that really satisfies the heart in our perverse world is a meaningful relationship with Jesus. This is what I want you to know. I know there are many false preconceptions about Jesus. I pray that you will take my words to heart and dare to taste the reality of His love for you.

It is real, it is relevant, and it is for absolutely everyone.

Jason Haskell is pastor of New Creation Church in Craig. He can be reached at pastorjason@ncccraig.com.


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