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Jarod Bays: Methamphetamine will take your life or money

Your best friend: Methamphetamine

Let me introduce myself, take away your health. Call me amphetamine. The miracle of losing dreams and making friends. Every day is lost watching for the cops, not knowing that you’re lost. Tell you what I will do is take you for every cost — life or money. Having fun watching your life on the run, helping to load that gun with bullets called life. Russian Roulette is the least of your threats or the needle may have it best, help you not care. I know nothing is fair, but it’s OK, you won’t care, but you will be scared if you don’t have me — methamphetamine. I give you a place to live, a place in the pen. Trust me, I’m your friend, and I won’t let you go. I’ll be with you until the end.

I will collect your family’s tears and feel no sorrow. I’ll be there for you tomorrow. I break hearts, tear souls apart. I do get jealous when people get between us, but give it some time, you will still be mine.

No turning back, life is off track. Why did it have to happen like that? Smokin’ on this dope, thinking it’s giving me hope. I think real hard — nope. Look up in the skies, hearing nothing but lies. I start to cry on the inside. Why did I always listen to the wrong people, so called friends.

Time to put them to an end

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