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January Zaledzieski: Ashamed of Craig

As a member of this community for more than 30 years, I have to say that I am saddened by the things that have been happening during the past couple of days.  I understand that the issues we are facing are scary, but I don’t understand why we are taking our fear out on two Colorado businesses that have done nothing wrong. The front page article of the Craig Daily Press on Wednesday regarding the New Belgium and Breckenridge Brewery beers being pulled from the shelves of local businesses made me sick to my stomach. I did not think that I lived in a place where people would do something so drastic just because the most popular boy in school said we should. Danny Griffith made an impulsive, rash decision and not only the Craig Daily Press but other business owners glorified that behavior. The citizens of this town need to educate themselves before they jump on the fear band wagon. I have seen the list of companies that have donated to WildEarth Guardians and I can’t help but wonder why we have not boycotted City Market for not shutting down Starbucks; they are on that list as well. What about Bank of the West? Are the business owners who so proudly pulled New Belgium and Breckenridge beers still making deposits into a bank that is just as guilty (according to the list)? Why haven’t we vilified and boycotted them all? How do we pick and choose who’s guilty? Hypocrisy is an ugly thing and this situation has shown me just how ugly Craig can be.

I support our coal miners, and I think in our community. This is my home. I grew up here, and it’s where I chose to raise my family. I understand the anger and the fear because I feel it too; my husband is a coal miner. However, being angry and afraid does not change the fact that what we did as a community to the New Belgium and Breckenridge breweries is no better than what WildEarth is doing to us. None of the 70 plus companies on that list are responsible for what is happening to our town. They made donations in good faith toward the conservation of the land, wildlife and water that we all hold so dear. The New Belgium and Breckenridge breweries are Colorado proud companies that deserved better from their neighbors. We behaved badly and, as a community, we should be embarrassed; I know that as a resident I am.

January Zaledzieski


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