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January Real Estate transactions

Buyer: Martyn Development

Seller: David R. and Laura B. Ellgen

Property description: Vacant land on Mack Lane

Sale price: $95,000

Buyer: Justin Anthony and April L. Wynkoop

Seller: Dennis R. Craig

Property description: 1922 E. 9th St.

Sale price: $175,000

Buyer: J. Gentry

Seller: Rio Blanco Properties, LLC

Property description: Agriculture

Sale price: $17,600

Buyer: George A. and Annette Skiff

Seller: Pronghorn at Kannah Creek, LLC

Property description: Agriculture

Sale price: $285,000

Buyer: Buddy Scofield and Sharon Clifton

Seller: Ed and Donna Rettmann

Property description: 975 Rangely Way

Sale price: $142,000

Buyer: Leeland Thomas Grieve

Seller: Gary Silvers

Property description: 518 CR 129 — Slater

Sale price: $60,000

Buyer: Keith Cox

Seller: David Cox

Property description: Cox Minor Subdivision, Lot 1

Sale price: $10,000

Buyer: Washington Mutual Bank FA

Seller: Robert Razzano

Property description: 110 Barbara Dr.

Sale price: $142,797

Buyer: Jonathan and Carrie Godes

Seller: Carrie McIntosh

Property description: 987 VanDorn Dr.

Sale price: $173,000

Buyer: Daniel E. and Kate Latham

Seller: Leeland Thomas Grieve

Property description: 518 CR 129 — Williams Minor Subdivision

Sale price: $105,000

Buyer: Joshua Marcus Rew

Seller: John J. and Beverly L. Auer

Property description: 4521 Johnson Rd.

Sale price: $215,000

Buyer: Gary S. and Susan M. Engle

Seller: Bill M. and MaryLou Wisdom

Property description: 3898 W. 6th St.

Sale price: $96,500

Buyer: Cindy L. Smith

Seller: Ward W. Widger

Property description: 2195 Cedar Pl.

Sale price: $75,000

Buyer: Janet L. Mauth

Seller: Nancy Gede Simons

Property description: 833 Exmoor Rd.

Sale price: $158,000

Buyer: Virgil B. Heed

Seller: Walker Family Trust

Property description: 620 Ellis Ave.

Sale price: $75,000

Buyer: Lynne E. Abreu

Seller: Kirk F. and Roberta L. Cadotte

Property description: Agriculture

Sale price: $112,500

Buyer: John Hanley and David J. Moloney

Seller: Kenneth Omlid

Property description: TBD Texas Ave.

Sale price: 24,000

Buyer: Jeffrey Shane and Susan Jean Stone

Seller: Timothy R. and J’Lea Driver

Property description: 576 & 578 Yampa Ave.

Sale price: $188,000

Buyer: Heath C. Jewell

Seller: Federal National Mortgage Association

Property description: 740 E. 9th St.

Sale price: $142,000

Buyer: Quint and Karen Bourgeois

Seller: Donald L. and Betty J. McNeilly

Property description: 198 Sprout Dr.

Sale price: $6,800

Buyer: Rick Decker and Tracy Mannion

Seller: Melvin Lee Magnuson

Property description: 1018 E. 11th St.

Sale price: $160,000

Buyer: Applejacks Inc.

Seller: Burger King Corporation

Property description: 690 W. Victory Way

Sale price: $230,000

Buyer: Wanda Froese

Seller: Shirley Levkulich

Property description: 1047 Aspen Ave.

Sale price: $32,000

Buyer: Mark and Jeffery Samuelson

Seller: Elba F. Kilpatrick

Property description: 420 Breeze St.

Sale price: $170,000

Buyer: Elizabeth A. Rinard

Seller: Thomas E. and Irma Mileski

Property description: 417 Hawthorn St.

Sale price: $83,000

Buyer: Maurice A. and Ruth E. Schuessler

Seller: D.J. Roden

Property description: 30 S. Ranney St.

Sale price: $65,000

Buyer: RRREI Limited Partnership

Seller: Craig Tracks, LLC & Action Land, LLC

Property description: 2605 & 2607 E. Highway 40

Sale price: $659,000

Buyer: Karyn White

Seller: Dana C. and Brenda L. Forbes

Property description: 340 CR 95 — Dinosaur

Sale price: $230,000

Buyer: Norman G. and Marlene A. Blackwell Revocable Living Trust

Seller: Mark K. Wedel and Marilyn Polles-Wedel Trustees

Property description: TBD CR 29

Sale price: $216,000

Buyer: Select Portfolio Servicing Inc.

Seller: Robert Razzano

Property description: 2015 Crockett Dr.

Sale price: $136,790

Buyer: Levi R. and Elizabeth A. Schrock

Seller: Kenneth R. and Judy K. Fleming

Property description: 34309 N. Hwy. 13

Sale price: $219,000

Buyer: Dollie A. Frentress

Seller: Kimble L. and Robbie L. Frentress

Property description: 1042 Cottonwood Ave.

Sale price: $57,500

Buyer: Eagle Eye Properties, LLC

Seller: Evergreen Oil Company

Property description: Ridgeview Subdivision — Vacant Land

Sale price: $30,000

Buyer: John K. Hill

Seller: Suzanne L. Garrett

Property description: 912 Washington St.

Sale price: $150,000

Buyer: Douglas W. and Karen F. Price

Seller: Trent N. Told

Property description: 55 Western Ave.

Sale price: $35,900

Buyer: Michael L. and Suzanne L. Garrett

Seller: Joseph C. and Marlene R. Knez

Property description: 415 Sandrock Dr.

Sale price: $265,000

Buyer: John and Leigh Papierski

Seller: Mark K. Staples

Property description: 944 Galley Rd.

Sale price: $150,000

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