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Jane Hume: Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 1A

The people of Moffat County need to vote for Ballot Issue 1A, a measure to assure the Museum of Northwest Colorado and Moffat County Libraries are funded in the future. It is a small amount to protect the investment already made by the county and continue and expand the fantastic educational and historic resources of these entities.

The museum is already a facet of tourism in our county, drawing visitors from all over the nation. It has received state awards for excellence as a history research center, with fine, well-documented exhibits. The gun and western memorabilia collection is worth thousands of dollars alone — other selections are priceless.

I am proud when I sit to receive visitors; I hear how good the museum is, how well presented, phrases like, “This is fantastic … and in such a small town!” and “We’ll be back,” and just a nice, “Thank you.”

The museum is the work of its dedicated staff, of all the contributors over the years, and the volunteers who contribute hours to the museum board. Like the libraries, which began with the work of dedicated individuals, Louise Miller started her collection in the county courthouse. Ballot Issue 1 A will mean these gems of Moffat County will be available to us all and to all in the future.

Thank you.

Jane Hume