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Jane Glanville: What’s in a name?

To the editor:

The Craig Cougar Hockey Team was a force to be reckoned with and proud of that fact and the name they had established through hard work and many a hardearned victory.

They made a team they were proud of and carried the name Cougars well. Recently, the local youth hockey team was force fed a name change and is now known by the Bulldog moniker. My question is, if they have to (most of them didn’t want to nor did their parents) go by the Bulldog name and be associated with the High School, why do they not get the same perks as other teams of the school?

In a letter recently received from the school, there was a page written by the school’s athletic director explaining some of the costs involved when a team travels.

It is asked of the parents or students to pay $25 to help offset the room expense, and the student is asked to travel with the team. This would be a blessing for the hockey team as they have to not only pay for their rooms but also find a way to get to out of town games if family can not take them.

Fortunately, the hockey team is a “family” of its own and usually manages to provide transport for those whose parents have to work or cannot afford the trip to such places as Gunnison or Telluride. Not only is there the cost of traveling to games, but if you are a member of the travel team, you have a $600 registration fee.

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Now that is dedication to a sport. Add that to the cost of equipment (which is by no means cheap, we are talking in the hundreds) and this is not an easy sport to participate in financially or physically.

The dedication of these kids is phenomenal and carries throughout the summer in training that they take upon themselves to keep up.

It seems that the high school wants to latch onto the team and accept their record and successes as their own but not support the effort in the same ways as other sports associated with the school. So, come on. If you are going to make them play under a new name and be a Bulldog team, then treat them like other Bulldog teams and help them get to the games (ie: team bus) and let them just pay the $25 for rooms instead of having to pay the entire cost of travel, room, food, signup fees, and registration fees to play.

I am not a parent of a player, merely a fan that feels this is unfair and an unnecessary burden on parents of very dedicated players who were very proud to be the Cougars, a team they made work and one that fights hard and keeps going.

This team will carry the name Bulldogs just as proudly, although in their hearts they know that once a Cougar always a Cougar.

Jane Glanville

Cougar fan