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James R. Reiman: The Tea Party point

— To the editor:

I read in your paper April 16 that Ms. Villard said she did not understand what the Tea Parties were all about. As a member of the voting public and a participant at the Craig Tea Party, I will try to sum up what these Tea Parties stand for or what they are all about. I shall have to condense millions of ideas, into one short letter, so forgive me as I must omit some ideas to save room.

• Tea Parties are a protest against the large amounts of government spending during the past decade under Democrats and Republicans. This spending has had many critics throughout the years and has been objected to by much of the silent majority. As the name implies, they were silent. The silence was broken last fall, when against the wishes of the people, the men and women in Congress passed a $700 billion bailout. Then President Bush approved the bailout. It was this action that started the fire seen April 15, when hundreds of thousands around the country came out to voice their thoughts about the policies of government, past and present.

• The next reason for the Tea Parties was to see who the silent majority was. There were various issues that divided this group, but the one thing that tied them together was the excessive government spending and taxes. Some thought the government should abolish the Internal Revenue Service, and others thought it would be better to have the government put up a “fair tax” and others thought a “flat tax” would be better. But, the agreement was we should reform the taxes one way or another and stop government spending the wealth of today and making debt for tomorrow.

Looking at these two reasons alone, we can draw a conclusion. There were other reasons why each individual attended. But, the undertow, or the real reason why all these people came out by the thousands to Tea Parties nationwide was this – they wished to be heard.

This is the reason that ties all the different points together. Many of these people had phoned, written and e-mailed their congressperson and had been brushed off by men that work for them, men who are supposed to represent them and their views.

That is why the Tea Parties are trying to get the attention of the government that works for us and tell them what we the people want to do with our nation.

James R. Reiman

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