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James Michael Phelps: Maybe discrimination is the real concern

Dear editor:

I am writing this letter concerning the editorial in the June 15 edition of the Craig Daily Press, titled “Share your knowledge.” The editorial stated that “long-time subscribers” had “voiced concerns” about the La Vecindad section in the Daily Press, and whether the newspaper had a desire to “serve illegal immigrants.” The editorial also stated that “community members have not taken the initiative to make (English language) education a possibility.”

First, I feel disbelief at why someone would assume that, by publishing a couple pages in Spanish, the Craig Daily Press is pandering to illegal immigrants. How on earth could the Daily Press profit by this? Those kinds of “concerns” about a newspaper reaching out to a large portion of the community lead me to wonder if discrimination is the real “concern.”

The Daily Press has a sacred duty to provide information to the community, part of which speaks Spanish. How could it be concluded that because someone doesn’t speak English they must be an illegal immigrant?

Second, about community members not taking the initiative to provide English language education, I’d like to say this is a really unfortunate statement about our own education. Why don’t more of us know the language of our closest neighbor nation? We’re Americans, we are obligated by our prosperity to be leaders in the world. But I do know that resources in Moffat County are overburdened, and many of us hardly find time to catch a breath between family, work and volunteering.

Lastly, I’d like to say that the residents of Moffat County are the most generous, caring people I have ever had the good fortune to live with. I know that 99 percent of its people are wonderful people without a racist thought in their minds, but if those people don’t stand up and support groups who are working to make a difference, then the vocal 1 percent will be the only voice that is heard.

Thank you for taking time to read my opinion.

James Michael Phelps


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