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Jessica Prather, Blue Print

Prom is said to be the best night of a young person’s life. At Moffat County High School, the tradition of after-prom has been going on for around eleven years, and has recently occurred after this year’s prom on April 30, 2011.

This year’s after prom was put on by Katrina Willey, the school nurse, who had great goals in mind for the event. “I want to continue their special night while having fun and being safe,” stated Willey. Willey’s hopes were accomplished when around 200 students arrived. The festivities included “The Michael Jackson Experience” dance game for the Wii, casino games like poker and black jack, ping pong, video games, and bowling.

For junior Jodi Hoeland, after prom was one of her favorite events of the evening, “I liked the activities they had,” she said. After prom lasted for about three hours, and students left with impressive prizes. Students won a GPS system, t-shirts, iPods, money, Poker Tables, gift cards, gym memberships, TV’s, and much more. In fact, around $8,000. dollars worth of prizes were handed out that night to students, money that was donated from local businesses and community members.

For Willey, the night was just as great, “[We] had a lot of kids, the kids behaved, and they all seemed to have a great time,” she commented. Close to the expected amount of students showed, Willey planned for 250 kids. She stated that she wouldn’t change anything about the evening. It was her first year of planning this event, and she would easily volunteer to do it again, both for the enjoyment and because she believes that it was a great idea for keeping students safe. For students, a night of casino games to go along with the prom’s theme of “Viva Las Vegas” fit well together to provide an unforgettable night.