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Jackie James: Reader supports Neilene Folks

I am writing this letter in support of Neilene Folks, PA. Neilene was recently terminated from employment after many years of service with Memorial Regional Health Clinic.

My father and I attended the MRH Board of Trustees meeting Thursday, Oct. 18, along with more than 60 other people to get answers as to why Neilene was terminated. The board stated it was unable to discuss the matter, due to state and federal laws, but we were directed to make an appointment with Andy Daniels.

Our appointment with Andy Daniels was much the same; he is unable to discuss the specific reason for Neilene‘s termination. He did state that her termination had nothing to do with her medical practice at MRH clinic.

I find it hard to believe whatever happened warrants termination of such a valued provider. I would urge Andy Daniels, the management team, and the board of trustees to reevaluate the procedure for termination of a provider. One or two people should not be in charge of the termination of a valued provider without that provider being given the opportunity to appeal before his or her peers.

We have many dedicated employees and providers at MRH hospital and clinic, and they are appreciated. Unfortunately, we lost one of the best.

Jackie James