IRS tax scam hits Craig

Noelle Leavitt Riley

Craig Police Department is warning residents to screen their calls due to an IRS tax scam where bogus tax agents are trying swindle money out of folks by claiming they owe back taxes.

“It’s a scam. Today they’re using a 424 area code. They have heavy Indian accents,” said Sgt. Brian Soper. “They claim to be from the IRS, and they say you have 45 minutes to pay or they’re going to put a warrant out for your arrest.”

The city had at least eight reports of the scheme today, while Moffat County officials received five, Soper said.

To his knowledge, no one has actually given the scammers money.

Police officials called a three of the numbers and, in one instance, were cussed out by the fake IRS agents, Sober said.

The 424 area code is from Compton, California, however it’s difficult to track where the number originated, he said.

If you get a call from the IRS asking for back taxes, contact police officials immediately, and block the number, Soper advised.

Missy Bonaker, of accounting firm Bonaker & Associates, said she received multiple calls Saturday from clients who were seeking guidance with the issue after they had been contacted.

Bonaker added that she has heard of people being pestered by scammers for the last two weeks, and though it’s hard to say if and when the parties responsible will stop, approaching things cautiously is the best solution.

“One of my clients asked for their federal ID number and they hung right up,” she said. “What people need to know is that the IRS would never call or email you.”

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