Irene Beard: Too much criticizing |

Irene Beard: Too much criticizing

To the editor:

OK, enough is enough. Why don't we just block the highways into Craig, just so no one new can come in to do business, camp, visit, or for that matter drive through?

What have we to offer in Craig? Two decent museums, flower decorated streets, a rodeo, a county fair, and that's it.

Heavens to Betsy. We should have new businesses in town, places to camp that have reasonable rates, and places to go for kids for recreation in the winter months.

We have a good quantity of jealous and spiteful people who live in this town. I'm betting not one of them give their time or do anything to help anyone out except themselves.

It's a sad world when we have nothing to do except think of ourselves and make trouble for others.

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The Moffat County School District is cutting off transportation to outlying areas and I find that interesting since we are reimbursed per student and miles run on busses.

I guess only students inside Craig are entitled to busses. Let the students who live in town walk. What's wrong with children walking to school, shedding a little weight and getting fresh air?

Businesses are opening and closing like flies in this town because no one wants to support our locals. The answer is to drive to the next town to get our gas cheaper because there is more selection and we need to get out of a dying community.

Unfortunately, even tourists agree.

So, I vote we get rid of tourism, chambers and any organization that might help our seniors, children and those who just plain keep our town a nice place to raise kids.

Then, guess what? We will have a dead village and not only that, we won't have to worry about the gripers and groaners. They'll become some other lucky town's problem. Hopefully they'll have moved on.

If you are going to criticize every darn thing and person you can, I have a suggestion for you: highways lead four ways out of Craig, use one if you don't like it here.

Irene Beard

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