Investigation continues into unlawful use of force complaint |

Investigation continues into unlawful use of force complaint

Christina M. Currie

— Two simultaneous investigations into an unlawful use of force complaint are in progress at the Craig Police Department.

Internal and an external investigations are being made into a complaint made by two women July 25 alleging they were bruised and punched by officer Doug Kaiser.

Police Chief Walt Vanatta has asked the Steamboat Springs Police Department to lead a criminal investigation into the allegation and the Craig Police Department is conducting a parallel internal investigation.

Capt. Rick Crotz is conducting the investigation for the Steamboat Springs Police Department. He was unavailable for comment.

Craig Police Lt. John Forgay estimates both investigations should be complete within a week.

“The investigation is going well from both ends,” he said. “It’s difficult because it takes so much manpower. There are many people to interview.”

Both departments will make written reports after finalizing the investigations.

The internal investigation will be used to determine whether Kaiser violated any departmental policies or procedures. The external investigation is used to determine whether any criminal statutes were violated.

Kaiser is still on active duty during the investigations.

“To suspend him would be like indicating he did something wrong and we have no indication that he did except what some people say,” Forgay said.

Suzanne Fadley and Lyndsey Wolschon both filed complaints alleging Kaiser grabbed Fadley’s son, Kenneth Durrant, 19, without cause and when the two women tried to intervene, Kaiser responded with an unlawful use of force to the point of punching Wolschon in the mouth.