Internet explains Y2K |

Internet explains Y2K

Christina M. Currie

With hype surrounding potential impacts of the Y2K computer bug, stories that get pushed to the side are the ones that describe 100 years and 1,000 years of history and change.

There are a just 29 days until people are participants in two of the most unique events to happen in one lifetime. One is the possibility of global chaos as the date change sends computers that cannot recognize the 2000 date into shock. The other is ushering in a new millennium a cause for looking back and looking forward.

Several companies have put together Web sites that explain to children what a thousand years really means and give them historical perspective on changes the time period has wrought on humanity. A search on the Internet for the terms millennium, year 2000 or Y2K gives people a list of thousands of sites to choose from, usually just confusing the searcher.

One Web site is designed to help children understand what the millennium means. Logging on to and clicking the 2000 icon will link children to an interactive experience on the millennium. Four Web pages give children a look at the past 1,000 years. The first, “The Count Down to 2000,” shows children a clock where they can actually see the time left until 2000. The next page is “How much is 1000?” Children can visualize 1,000 through everyday items such as gumballs or pennies. The “Heros of the Millen-nium” page shows some of the most admired individuals of the millennium and allows children to vote for their favorites. The final page is the “Interactive Story” page and features an animated movie of Alfy’s time-capsule adventure in unique interactive presentations. is designed by educators around the world.