Intermediate school students run for fun |

Intermediate school students run for fun

Lee Harstad

Fifty-one fifth- and sixth-graders converged on the Craig Middle School (CMS) and Craig Intermediate School (CIS) grounds to participate in the 15th annual CIS Fun Run Sept. 22.

The course consisted of a jog around the track and surrounding school property. According to CIS Physical Education Instructor Ben Bye, the course is about 2/3 of a mile.

The race was open to any fifth- and sixth-grade student at CIS. Four races are held during the Fun Run consisting of fifth-grade girls, fifth-grade boys, sixth-grade girls and sixth-grade boys. The 51 racers this year increased from 37 last year.

Seventeen fifth-grade girls, 13 fifth-grade boys, 12 sixth-grade girls and nine sixth-grade boys ran the circuit.

Each racer received a ribbon for finishing and top places were given a meal discount at a local restaurant.

Every participant ran the same course and Shawn Brookshire, a fifth-grader, posted the fastest time at 4 minutes and 16 seconds. Other results from the race, with the winning time in parenthesis, are:

Fifth-grade girls:

1. Brittany Herrera (4:49)

2. Shannon Fleetwood

3. Katie Knez

4. Sara Fleetwood

5. Haley Ekstrom

Fifth-grade boys:

1. Shawn Brookshire (4:16)

2. Jeremy Bird

3. Jeramy Barney

4. Trenton Duarte

5. Andrew Sperl

Sixth-grade girls:

1. Alissa Macomber (4:44)

2. Sherilyn Stoffel

3. Vanessa Strong

4. Megan Cook

5. Anna Herring

Sixth-grade boys:

1. Derek Duran (4:21)

2. Lincoln Cleverly

3. Eric Montes

4. Ryan Barney

5. Steven Englert