Interfaith Food Bank volunteers: Volunteers work hard |

Interfaith Food Bank volunteers: Volunteers work hard

To the editor:

The letter from Denise Rogers on Dec. 31, 2010, is just another example of a letter written to the editor by someone who knows absolutely nothing about the organization or the situation that is being questioned.

We volunteers at the Interfaith Food Bank try very hard all year to provide food for those in need in the community. We have been in existence since the 1970s, and are staffed entirely by volunteers.

Most of us are retired and some are in their 70s and 80s. We are open three days a week year-round, and depend on donations of food and money, as well as a grant from United Way.

On that particular day, as we all know, there had been a bad snow storm and not only were the streets and driveways full of snow, but Shadow Mountain parking lot was almost impossible as it hadn’t been plowed. We had people stuck in their cars in front of the building, so it was very difficult for people to even get the baskets from the building to the cars. Some of our volunteers were unable to get to Shadow Mountain, so we were a little shorthanded.

We had organized, as we always do, by purchasing the food for the baskets, and providing a list for people to sign so that we would know approximately how many and who would be coming. We worked the day before to get the cases of food ready for filling baskets and came in early that day to be ready for the first people.

We had more than 23 phone calls and one of the volunteers attempted to answer each of them. Usually people who can’t get to the food bank can call someone to go for them, which is what we generally suggest.

We have never needed to advertise for help of any kind and obviously had no way of knowing ahead of time what the weather would be like on that particular day.

We were fortunate in that we had one person in a 4-wheel drive who came in voluntarily and took 53 baskets out for us. She was not one of our volunteers, just someone who felt we might need help.

This could have been you, Denise, and your husband, if you felt the need.

We always are looking for volunteers.

If you feel you might be someone who could organize our Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets better than we do, as well as help all year during the drives and the three-day weeks, we are open from 11 a.m. to noon.

Please let us know.

Interfaith Food Bank volunteers

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