Insurance provider deals Medicare supplements |

Insurance provider deals Medicare supplements

Collin Smith

— Here is something for anyone within three months of 65 or older on Medicare insurance.

Marcia Sfreddo of Craig received her Colorado insurance licensing for health insurance, specializing in Medicare products.

Sfreddo offers supplemental insurance packages, including better coverage for office and hospital visits and prescription drugs.

“What I try to do is get people ready to get on Medicare,” Sfreddo said. “We’re trying to get information out to these folks so they don’t miss out on health benefits.”

Packages are available that provide single benefits so each person can decide which ones they want to buy and customize their insurance for their needs. Some kinds of benefits have more than one option, such as prescription drug coverage, which has three separate plans.

The most commonly purchased package is Plan F, which pays everything Medicare does not pay for office and hospital visits, Sfreddo said.

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“That means there is no deductible and no co-pay,” she added.

Sfreddo was born and raised in Craig and thinks what she is offering is an important service for the community.

“With all the Medicare changes going on with the government right now, I believe seniors need to look at the different plans and make sure they are covered,” Sfreddo said. “We don’t want anybody to have the wrong type of plan that the providers won’t be covering.”

Sfreddo can be reached at 824-5136 for questions and to schedule appointments.

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