Inmate caught with meth at Moffat County Jail |

Inmate caught with meth at Moffat County Jail

A 42-year-old inmate at Moffat County Jail is facing multiple felony charges moving forward after getting caught with 2.54 grams of methamphetamine as contraband.

On Jan. 17, deputies at Moffat County Jail said an inmate turned over a partial syringe which was found inside B Pod at the jail. The inmate that turned the syringe over to deputies said they had found the item in front of cell 1 in B pod, which is where the 42-year-old man is housed.

According to the arrest affidavit, the deputy said he “looked at the syringe and saw it to be a syringe which was cut in half and the cut end had been melted or clamped shut.”

The deputy added in the affidavit that there were drops of an unknown liquid inside the syringe and a cap over the needle portion.

“I know (the inmate) has a recent criminal history of IV drug use, and has been arrested with syringes,” the deputy stated in the affidavit.

The syringe was then booked into evidence and later testing.

Shortly after placing the syringe into evidence, deputies returned to B pod and conducted strip searches for contraband on all the male inmates, according to the affidavit. While conducting the searches, another deputy found an item that was potentially contraband.

Deputies found a small, white bottle with liquid inside. According to the affidavit, the rim of the bottle underneath the cap had a white, crystalline-type substance on it. The liquid inside the bottle was clear.

Deputies then tested the bottle and it tested positive for methamphetamine.

Following the positive test, deputies returned to B pod, where an inmate told them the 42-year-old inmate had dropped the small bottle while waiting to be strip searched.

Deputies were able to then confirm the claim through video evidence.

The 42-year-old inmate is being charged with felony of tampering with physical evidence, introducing contraband in the first degree, and possession of a schedule II controlled substance (meth), and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The inmate was originally booked on a $10,000 cash/surety bond, but during a bail/advisement hearing at the Moffat County Courthouse Thursday, Jan. 23, the inmate’s bond was lowered to a $750 cash/corporate surety bond.

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