Information may help Blee case |

Information may help Blee case

To the Editor

To the Editor,
Nov. 21 marked the 20th anniversary of the disappearance of Marie Blee.
At this time we, the parents of Marie Blee, would like to thank all the people and friends of Marie who have supported us in this turmoil. We would especialy like to thank the task force for all the time and effort they have put forth during the past months to determine what happened that night 20 years ago. Hopefully, this dilemma can get straightened out soon and we all can have some closure and put the past to rest.
Any information about what happened to Marie would be greatly appreciated by us. Please call the local Crime Stoppers hot line or the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department with any information. There is no caller identification for the Crime Stoppers hot line.
Paul and Mona Blee,
Grand Junction