Incidents reported for Dec. 14. |

Incidents reported for Dec. 14.

To the Editor,

I just took out a subscription to the Craig Daily Press. I sincerely hope it was not a mistake. I quit taking the press 13 years ago when my daughter quit delivering the Press because of mistakes and inaccurate information. Now here it goes again.

In an article on Nov. 23 about the APA (American Pool players Association), there were several glaring mistakes. The first was on the front page where you said 18 players instead of 18 teams consisting of 136 players made us sound like a beginning instead of a very organized sport with a lot of dedicated players. In the article itself, the name of Dena Garcia was misspelled. Garcia owns the Popular and is important to our organization.

On the upside, I appreciate the fact that the Press finally covered a sport that is on the upside in Craig and hope for some continued coverage as two of our players are traveling the first week of December to a Pro-Am tournament in Reno. We, as a league wish, them good shooting.

Also, as we end our fall session before starting our spring session in January, there will be first and second place teams on both nights that will end up in playoff spots that earns one team the right to play in nationals for recognition and monetary rewards.

Please correct the mistakes and keep up the coverage on something that means a lot to approximately 75 homes.

Thank You.

Susan A. Reeves