In the nick of time for St. Nick’s |

In the nick of time for St. Nick’s

Craig residents scramble to shop for last-minute gifts, wrap all presents before Christmas

John Vandelinder

— Parking lots around Craig were sloppy from melting snow, but full of cars and trucks owned by residents in search of last-minute Christmas gifts.

“We still need stuff for Christmas breakfast and dinner,” Jennifer Cox said, while shopping with her mother, Jody Trujillo, and her niece, Emma Winn.

“We had to get a couple of last-minute gifts, too. Emma wanted an Elmo doll, but she’ll get that tomorrow.”

Many of the residents have most of their shopping done, but a few, like Katrina Springer, needed something a little different.

“I needed laundry detergent,” she said. “I still have to do laundry, even if it is Christmas.”

Springer did take the time to pick out a few extra gifts while out shopping, making the most of her “last opportunity.”

While stuffing her trunk, Angela Reed said she needed to be out Monday because she “was way behind.”

“I got some stocking stuffers, and I have a few more stops to go before I’m done.” The Reeds have been building a new home, so time has been at a premium for her and her family.

“The house should be the present,” she said, “but the kids don’t see it that way.”

David Andujo was pushing a cart full of boxes and his two children as he worked his way through the slushy parking lot to his truck.

“We are getting stuff for our grandparents,” he said. “I’m just enjoying the time out of work.”

Tasha Burnett and her mother, Barbara, were on a mission to purchase gifts for family and friends.

“We have to get some last-minute stuff for my dad and some of my friends,” Tasha said. “I haven’t got anything for them, and I know they got me something, so here I am.”

Barbara was more concerned with food.

“I already have stuff for dinner,” she said. “I just need breakfast now.”

Now that the shopping’s done, there is but one thing left to do.

“Now I have to go home and wrap it all,” Cox said. “The easy part was the shopping.”

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