In memory of Pat (Boone) Snare |

In memory of Pat (Boone) Snare

Jim Snare

She said, "Wait, I want to walk with you, just let me take your arm."

We walked together on the path that led from the house to the barn.

She always loved horses and gave each one a gentle stroke.

When she whispered goodbye to each, my heart nearly broke.

We slowly made our way back to the house with her holding tightly to me.

During one of our frequent stops, she pointed up in a tree.

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There on an upper branch I could see a pair of turtle dove.

Squeezing my hand softly, she said, "Just like us, they are in love."

Today as I walked on the path from the house to the barn I happened to see.

A single turtle dove sitting all alone in the middle of a tree.

I stopped and watched as he turned his head all around.

He was searching the tree from the top to the ground.

I asked, "Why are you all alone my little feathered friend,

Did your mate fly away or did her life come to an end?"

There I heard a familiar "coo" from somewhere high up in the sky.

The dove heard it also as he answered with his own "coo" reply.

Even though we both searched the sky we neither did see,

The source of the soothing "coo" meant for he and me.

I said, "Take heart ole dove, we are not alone, you and I.

We both have winged ones watching over us, from way up high."

I miss my dove.

— Submitted by Max Snare