Identity thieves using jury duty to get personal information |

Identity thieves using jury duty to get personal information

Brandon Johnson

A new scam is working its way across the nation, using jury duty as a way to get people’s personal information.

A person calls claiming to represent the local clerk of court. The caller says the victim was assigned to jury duty and will be ticketed for failing to show up. When the victim says he didn’t know he had jury duty, the caller asks for information to verify the victim’s identity. Usually, the scammer wants a social security number, address and date of birth.

Diana Meyer, jury commissioner and clerk of the Moffat County combined courts, said her staff does not ask for personal information over the phone.

“We would never ask them for their social security number,” Meyer said.

Meyer said her office had not heard of the scam.

The clerk can hold jurors in contempt if they deliberately ignore a jury duty assignment, but Meyer said her office doesn’t need to get a social security number over the phone to do that.

Lt. John Forgay with the Craig Police Department said people should never give their personal information to strangers.

“The general rule is don’t give any personal information over the phone,” Forgay said.

Forgay said he had heard about the jury duty scam but didn’t know whether it had happened in Craig.

If someone gets a call asking for personal information, Forgay encourages people to ask for a phone number and call them back. If the caller won’t give a phone number, it could be a sign that they aren’t who they claim to be.

Forgay said identity theft is a growing problem nationwide. He recommends people don’t leave checks or other personal information in their mailbox, instead, they should give them personally to mail carriers or drop them off at the post office.

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