Human Resource Council: Are you ready for a change? |

Human Resource Council: Are you ready for a change?

Genevieve Yazzie/For Craig Press

As I get ready for my first Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World class, I am reminded of the strength and resilience of our fellow community members. I am reminded of how often we try to make changes in our lives, hoping the changes will work. And I am reminded of how important it is to support people as they strive for change in their lives.

Getting Ahead isn’t just a class about becoming financially stable. It’s a class about empowerment — about taking our complicated pasts and hitting the pause button so that we can breathe deeply, assess, and then learn how to create our own futures. Getting Ahead provides the space to think about what a high quality of life looks like to each of us, and then helps us to identify what resources we need to work towards it.

It is a class designed for the needs of our clients but held together by each person’s commitment to themselves and their future stories. In this class, each participant will learn several important strategies to help with change.

In Getting Ahead, relationships are built through trust and integrity. Regardless of a person’s history, we recognize and value his or her ability to solve problems. We know each participant is the expert of their own life, and we recognize their ability to provide solutions for our community. No single person has all the answers. Instead, we work as a group to study the big issues that might affect us all.

Building stability for ourselves as well as a better future for our community is important. I see myself in much of this class, and I acknowledge each participant’s readiness for change. Whether a participant is facing challenges around stability or is tired of just getting by, I look forward to embarking on this path with them. 

The Getting Ahead class is offered each fall and spring. For more information about the spring Getting Ahead program, please contact Genevieve Yazzie, the community impact coordinator for Moffat County United Way, at 970-326-6222. Supplies, dinner and childcare are provided free of charge for all accepted participants.


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