How’s that working out for you? |

How’s that working out for you?

Linda Taylor, Pastor, Maybell Community Church

As I look around, I see so many people suffering from something that has happened in their lives — illness, death, abuse, children that are out of control, the division in our country that seems to grow stronger with each passing day.

It saddens my heart to see so many continue to go it alone. They have survived so far, and believe they will continue to get through life’s trials one way or the other.

But do they really?

I recently listened to news about a family whose young children have been sick, even to the point of death.

The parents believe they are doing everything right. The father works and the mother stays at home to watch over her children. Still, one child has fought for her life since birth and the other one is in the hospital.

As I write this article, he is fighting for his life, but the parents continue to do it their way, without God. It is because of a praying father, mother and grandmother that seek God for them each and every day of their lives that they are watched over. I pray someday they will come to see God was there all along.

This got me thinking about why we are sometimes so set on doing it on our own. I called a friend who has come to know God these past two years, and I asked her some questions of why and what changed her mind about God. These are the questions I asked and her answers.

Q: Why didn’t you allow God to help you?

A: “I knew I could depend on myself, and I felt it was up to me, and there was this trust factor with God. I just didn’t trust Him. How could I trust someone I really didn’t know or believed was real?

“I had heard how God took care of others, but I figured that wasn’t for me, because I didn’t think I was worthy or pure enough for God.”

Q: And how well was that working out for you?

A: “So-so. Actually not so good. I was surviving, but that was about it.”

Q: What changed your mind ?

A: “One night I had a life-changing moment. I had basically given up on everything, realizing I didn’t have all the answers. There was this violent thunderstorm that night and the lightning was really bad.

“I was laying on my bed watching as the lightning continued to flash so bright that the street light wouldn’t stay on, and then came this really loud bang as the lightning struck once again.

“Instead of being afraid, I felt a calmness and peace about me. I could feel someone holding me, and my thoughts went to my grandmother who had gone on to heaven.

“She was the only one that truly loved me with an unconditional love, no matter my faults.

“It took me quite awhile to realize that it wasn’t my grandmother but Jesus himself. It was easier to believe it was Grandma because of her unconditional love for me, and that God couldn’t possibly have the same kind of love for me.

“Since then, God has shown me time and again how much he truly loves me and my family. It’s nice to have someone on your side instead of going it alone.”

What is God’s unconditional love? The Bible tells me in Jeremiah 31:3 that his love is an everlasting one. God has given his only begotten son, Jesus, and if you would just call to him you will see that Jesus is looking over you with a helping hand so that you don’t have to go it alone.

There is someone you can trust, as my dear friend, Paula, has discovered.

I want to thank Paula for sharing her thoughts with all of us.

God Bless everyone.

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