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How to vote in Moffat County

Erin Fenner

This election year is the first that House Bill 1303 will go into effect, making mail-in ballots the primary method of voting. Voters still can head to the Moffat County Courthouse to vote at the polls, but that will be their only polling location.

Since this is an odd election year, this will be old hat for Moffat County voters who already are familiar with the mail-in ballot system of voting. Citizens automatically will receive mail-in ballots if they are registered to vote.

“It’s not really different because we’ve been doing mail-in ballots for years,” County Clerk and Recorder Lila Herod said.

Using mail-in ballots as the primary method for voting also will give voters more time to work on their ballot, she said. Polls usually have time limits, but people can work on their ballots from the time they receive them in the mail until Election Day.

Herod had advocated for extra polling locations at Dinosaur and in Maybell, but because that would require the courthouse to check on the drop box daily, the county opted out.

That means Dinosaur and Maybell voters will need to come to Craig if they want to vote in person or if there is a problem with their ballot. To make sure their ballot is postmarked by Election Day, Herod suggested that Dinosaur and Maybell voters get their ballot in the mail by Nov. 2.

Mail-in ballot elections increase voter turnout, so Herod is enthusiastic because she said it streamlines the voting process. While there are concerns about fraud, Herod said there are safeguards within the system that prevent that from becoming a big issue.

The Moffat County Courthouse will function at the voting service center for the whole county.

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