How to make sure the Super Bowl is a good time |

How to make sure the Super Bowl is a good time

Nate Waggenspack

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will square off Sunday in sports greatest spectacle and they’ll hold the fate of many Monday workplace attitudes in Colorado and Washington in their hands for 60 minutes of football.

Las Vegas favors the Broncos and a slight majority of the talking heads on TV and the internet appear to be picking Denver, but in one game anything can happen and either team can win. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared for whatever outcome.

How to combat the melancholy that comes with your team playing poorly? What if you’re hosting or attending a Super Bowl party and the Broncos fall behind by 21 in the first half and the one Chargers fan at the party is dancing around shirtless because he’s waving his Phillip Rivers jersey over his head?

Nothing can fully make up for the anguish of a loss Sunday, but having a good party (and more specifically, good food) can at least lower the pain. Broncos are down? Sounds like time to go get lost in those delicious chips and dips in the other room. Broncos are ahead? Well then bring me a plate of those delicious chips and dips from the other room!

Dips, of course, are the heart of any Super Bowl party. People are going to be getting up and down throughout the game and sitting on couches, recliners and the floor, not a dinner table. This isn’t the time to deal with a steak and silverware. The fare must be much easier to handle, so here are the dips no Super Bowl XLVIII party should be without.

5: Bean dip. Whether your favorite is refried, black or pinto, if bean dip is on the table you’re doing something right. Bean dip can be an awesome base for something even better, but even alone it’s a great addition to any party.

4: Guacamole. Preferably with some peppers mixed in to make it spicy, but any kind will do. Perhaps the ultimate dip in the tastes-better-than-it-looks category, guac tastes great and is comparably good for you. Make sure it’s part of the spread.

3: Buffalo chicken. There’s not really much more to say on this one. Buffalo chicken dip is incredible and is probably the best dip out there for the first several chips. It doesn’t come in at No. 1 because only the true professionals can eat buff-chick for an entire football game and not be a frequent visitor to the bathroom later on.

2: Salsa. Simple, yes, but there’s a reason everyone goes through six bowls of salsa and chips at Mexican restaurants: because the stuff is good. It’s okay if you prefer chunky over restaurant style, just make sure to buy a classic style. Don’t bring a pineapple salsa no matter how much you love it. Others won’t feel the same way when they dip in and get a sweet surprise.

1: Taco/seven layer dip. Here’s the best example of bean dip’s potential as part of something larger and the best dish to have at any Super Bowl party. At every gathering, the taco dip tray is a mess of crumbs and pieces of shredded cheese that fell off a chip on its way to someone’s mouth while everything else is just half-eaten. Hail to the king, and make sure you or somebody else is bringing this to watch the game. It will make everything better.

Good luck to the Broncos and happy eating.

Nate Waggenspack makes a pretty killer taco dip for which the credit has to go to his mom. Contact him at 970-875-1795 or

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