How to dispose of Christmas trees in Craig |

How to dispose of Christmas trees in Craig

Janelle O'Dea

— If Craig residents are ready to chuck their Christmas trees out the front door after the big day is over, the city of Craig will be ready to take them.

Rod Durham, supervisor of Craig’s solid waste department, said residents can place trees by their garbage cans or close to the cans so waste department employees can recognize they are ready for disposal.

The trees will be taken to the nearby landfill.

Some years ago, Nick Rubley, landfill supervisor, said he remembers people dropping trees off at collection points and then the trees were taken to Elkhead Reservoir to provide habitat for fish.

The Elkhead tree situation may have changed because the fish have enough habitat or because there weren’t enough volunteers to keep it going, Durham said, though he isn’t sure of the full circumstances.

Rubley said when the trees go to the landfill, they go to the construction and demolition part of the location. That section of the landfill holds materials that don’t really decompose, such as plastic, but it also holds materials that decompose naturally, such as wood.

Mike Porras, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s public information officer, said CPW doesn’t have a program for recycling Christmas trees but individual parks may have their own programs.

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