How do first responders survive the holiday season? |

How do first responders survive the holiday season?

While many are at home celebrating the holidays with their families, the first responders of Moffat County are hard at work to keep the community safe.

The Moffat County Sheriff’s Department, Craig Police Department and Craig Fire/Rescue all have people keeping watch over the community even as the calendar flips from 2020 to 2021. Craig Fire/Rescue is a volunteer organization, so the firefighters that work at the station will only be called as needed on New Year’s Eve and Day.

The amount of incidents that the police have to respond to on New Years Eve depends on the year, but it is usually slow, according to the department.

“Usually, New Year’s Eve would be the more busy of the two but we’ve had New Year’s eves that have been real quiet and we’ve had New Year’s Eves that are real busy, it just depends,” Police Captain Bill Leonard said.

That sentiment is echoed by deputy Matt Hammer of the Sheriff’s department, and his experiences working previous New Year’s holidays.

“From my experience and what I’ve heard from other people, it’s a pretty quiet day, especially now with the bars and everything closing early, I don’t anticipate it being too wild,” Hammer said.

Regardless of the day, offices of the Craig Police Department take on their work with the same sense of camaraderie that they maintain yearlong.

“Pretty much our team is a family, they are working with each other day in and day out, depend on each other and, definitely that wouldn’t change just because it being New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day,” Leonard said. “They work that way all the time and consider themselves family most of the time.”

For Hammer, working together with other deputies helps create a feeling of family even as they can’t spend the holiday with their loved ones.

“I worked Christmas and Christmas Eve as well this year, it’s kind of we’re all at work away from our families, we’re all close knit here anyways so we kind of replace your coworkers with your family for the evening or the day or whatever it is,” Hammer said.

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